Thermodynamics always constitutes as an inherent part of any engineering course. It is extremely important for marine engineering, where work-transfer and heat-transfer are two integral components applicable in most of the marine engineering equipment found on ships.

Starting with the basic concepts of thermodynamics, the course covers all the applications of thermodynamics in practical shipboard marine engineering. 

Three text books extensively used as reference in this course are:

1) Thermodynamics and Heat Powered Cycles: A Cognitive Engineering Approach (2007) by Prof. Chih Wu,

2) Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach 8th Edition (2014)by Yunus Cengel, Michael Boles and

3) Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists (1993) by T D Eastop & A. McConkey.

The course uses CyclePad software based on Prof. Chih Wu's guidelines. A tutorial on CyclePad is available here!